"The environment consists of you and me" - Charles Panati.

Being ecologically-minded has become a real mainstream of the modern world.

Initially, DSUM was established and has been working in the industrial region where environmental issues are acute ones.

It is not surprising that the eco-friendly movement and care for the environment have become part of the DSUM corporate culture.

Currently, the concept of Zero Waste Office is successfully implemented and gaining momentum at the University.

Generally, the annual costs of paper, electricity, plastic and water usage in educational institutions are very high. But we have already formed our own effective and time-tested checklist for the gradual implementation of zero waste principles.


The following actions have been undertaken:

  • we implement water and energy-saving projects;
  • we recycle waste;
  • we introduce electronic circulation of documents;
  • we print out using double-sided printing;
  • we prefer laptops (where possible) over desktop computers, which saves electricity;
  • we reduce the use of disposable tableware during events;
  • we order Merch products that have eco-labels;
  • we changed conventional lamps to energy-saving LED lamps containing much less mercury and phosphorus;
  • we organize the collection of used batteries for their safe disposal.


Join our movement!


Should you have any suggestions,

the DSUM Student Council and the Department of Ecological Management are ready to support you!